June 2, 2007

Words Are Like A Certain Parent Who Can't Say What They Mean

Don't mean what they say.

Fortunately, there's MetroDad, The Tina Weymouth of our parenting generation, to keep making sense of it all. His Parentionary provides the "True Meaning" of the phrases parents hear and use everyday, whether it's the meaning we take from it, or what the sayer actually means:

Wow, it looks like they're really hitting it off. = Crap, our kids seem to really like each other. Does this mean that you and I will have to spend time together? I sure hope not.


It must be so great having a nanny to help out.
= How come you have a nanny when you don't even work?


She's so exotic looking. = Your daughter is mixed-race.

Actually, the whole ethnic section at the end is hi-larious.

My own favorite is using the term "baby," like, "How old is your baby?" and "Wow, your baby's so cute!" and "What's your baby's name?" = Cue, please! I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl.

The Parentionary [metrodad.typepad.com]

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