June 1, 2007

Unfortunately, This Is Not My Father's Oldsmobile


Are people finally catching on/up? Jalopnik posts a link to VistaCruiser.com, and suddenly it's like the annual meeting of the North American Man-Station Wagon Love Association. There are so many wagonfans popping out of the faux woodwork, you wonder where you're going to put them--even if you got the rear-facing seat option.

As for this nearly completed project car, a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, which is for sale:

When completed, project Vista Cruiser will be a true "Pro-Highway" daily driveable, street machine capable of running low 12 sec 1/4 mile times, handle a road course and corners as well as anything that ever came from Detroit as well as many vehicles from Europe or Japan, ride like a dream from coast to coast at a reasonable rpm level on 92-octane pump gas and be a true daily driver.
And screw Moody and the New Haven Line train he rode in on; the station wagon novel I want to read is the one that includes the sentence, "Over $25,000.00 Invested ~ Reasonable Offers Accepted."

Never Mind The SUVs
Vista Cruisers And Sport Wagons, Ahoy!
VistaCruiser.com [vistacruiser.com]
Related from Jan. 07: Hurst/Olds Vista Cruiser Pace Car [blog.hemmings.com]


do you still have this i want it!!!! 4 kids gotta have bigger!!!

sorry, not my listing, I just wrote about it. it's from vistacruiser.com.

which looks like it's down at the moment.

I built this car and sold it a few years ago. From what i undrstand it is in St. Louis

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