June 1, 2007

They're Baaack! Walter Papst Rocking Sculpture


I like my beer cold, my homosexuals flaming, my kid's ride-on rocking toys modernistically abstract and free of deterministic names or "concrete paragons" so as "not to restrict one's childlike fantasy" and imaginative play, and my pioneering children's furniture and toy designers obsessed with proving the extraterrestrial origins of the ancients.


That's right, Walter Papst's iconic Rocking Sculpture, created as part of the innovative collection of fiber-reinforced plastic kid's furniture he did for Wilkhahn in 1958-59 [yes, you read that right: vintage plastic kids' furniture. It had to start somewhere, right?] is being reissued in a limited edition.

Wilkhahn has re-engineered the piece to meet contemporary safety standards--which I think boils down to certifying it with the ear/handles off. The 1,500 re-editioned pieces will be sold with a sequentially numbered certificate of authenticity.

Actually, with the vintage purists insisting on spending EUR6,000 for an original Rocking Sculpture, the design purists imperiling their children by putting the handles on the EUR 480 [+VAT] reissued version, and the minimalist-minded populists picking up the Ikea knockoff for ten bucks and a bag of frozen meatballs, the mutual scoffing with this toy will be off the charts.


Reserve a Papst Rocking Sculpture for anticipated end of June delivery at Kidsmodern [kidsmodern.com]
IKEA Rusig Rocker's £6, which means it's not showing up anymore in the US site [ikea.com]
I wasn't kidding about the aliens; Papst is now a leading authority on futurology and ancient space travel [origin-world.com]

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