June 1, 2007

Rocking Dinosaurs, Both DIY And Thrifted


Sarah With An H thrifted out this sweet rocking dinosaur last fall for just five bucks.

While I was trying to identify it {note: which I never did. Anyone recognize it?], I found plans to make a different rocking dinosaur for sale for twice that amount.


But then I got sidetracked by another set of dino plans--these ones for free--from Bosch, who decided there's more money to be had in the power tool business.

Turns out Bosch has a nice little collection of self-made toy plans, including a puppet theater, a baby swing [which looks a little scary, frankly], and a tricycle & wagon. The best part: you paint it yourself, too, so you can leave off that dopey grin. Totally your call.

Friday Thrift: ride-on dinosaur and some wacky German toy [sarahwithanh]
Did someone say German toy? Construction Guides for Beautiful Self-Made Toys [bosch.de]


Dinos are making a come back. I think that robot dino will be a huge seller this holiday season.

[they haven't been this popular since they walked the earth 6,900 years ago. -ed.]

The price differential is easily explained. The cheap dinosaur is red. The premium is green.


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[normally, I'd delete an off-topic PR comment like this and suggest it'd be better to email. But dude, you put this in the "rocking dinosaurs" post? That's hilarious. It can stay. -ed.]

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