June 1, 2007

Baby On Board T-Shirt By Paul Frank


The funnydumbest part of this t-shirt with a kid printed on the front? The sales pitch: "Fool your friends & family!"

But whether it's "You thought I was wearing the kid, but actually, I LEFT HER IN THE CAR!" fool 'em, or "Look! I've got a kid, even though I haven't had a girlfriend since 1998!" fool 'em is hard to say.

Also hard to say: what exactly this has to do with the cute wittle monkey.

Also, socks?

Paul Frank men's baby on board tee, $24 [fredflare.com via dt reader molly]


It's funny, in an urban outfitters kind of way. Maybe it would be funnier if it was on a toddler tee or (imitation) onesie.

Paul Frank has gone a bit off track since they lost, uh, Paul Frank.

at least there's no man-boob dilemma to worry about.

Hi there! This is Mariko from fredflare.com. Thanks so much for the mention - shirts kind of incredible isn't it? Thanks again and have an awesome day! xxoo Mariko

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