June 1, 2007

Rocking Dinosaurs, Both DIY And Thrifted

Sarah With An H thrifted out this sweet rocking dinosaur last fall for just five bucks. While I was trying to identify it {note: which I never did. Anyone recognize it?], I found plans to make a different rocking...
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DIY Kid-sized Robot Rickshaw

So the kid's Miniboo is sitting in the corner of her room for a year-plus with one of the wheels broken off, meanwhile, a Mr. Wu of Somewhere Outside Beijing has made not one, but two robot-powered rickshaws, a...
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Unfortunately, This Is Not My Father's Oldsmobile

Are people finally catching on/up? Jalopnik posts a link to VistaCruiser.com, and suddenly it's like the annual meeting of the North American Man-Station Wagon Love Association. There are so many wagonfans popping out of the faux woodwork, you wonder...
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Twin Cradles From The New Chinky Workshop

The New Chinky Workshop began when Crazy Asian Uncle Dude decided he could make a better table cheaper for his nephew's Thomas The Tank Engine set. Then his sister had twins, so CAUD whipped up a pair of pine-and-mahogany...
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They're Baaack! Walter Papst Rocking Sculpture

I like my beer cold, my homosexuals flaming, my kid's ride-on rocking toys modernistically abstract and free of deterministic names or "concrete paragons" so as "not to restrict one's childlike fantasy" and imaginative play, and my pioneering children's furniture...
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2 Weeks 2 Save On Herman Miller, 2 Clicks 2 Spot Modernseed's Ad

If you're gonna steal, steal from the best, that's my motto. And if you're gonna have a two week Father's Day sale, with 10% off Herman Miller classics, use a vintage ad from the Official Spokesdadblogger for the Eames...
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No Idea Why This Was Called A Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

But it was. Doesn't look a think like Mickey, though. World War II-era. Gas masks for kids during the Blitz. This one's in a war museum somewhere near flickr user psmithson: Swansea, maybe? I have no idea. According to...
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Baby On Board T-Shirt By Paul Frank

The funnydumbest part of this t-shirt with a kid printed on the front? The sales pitch: "Fool your friends & family!" But whether it's "You thought I was wearing the kid, but actually, I LEFT HER IN THE CAR!"...
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