May 31, 2007

Chef Robuchon Beanie Baby Almost Done

With just over five hours to go before the auction ends, this Chef Robuchon Beanie Baby bear is clocking in at $1,625. According to Jennifer the Snackologist who posted about them last year, Ty made just 200 of these...
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From The Sweet Sweet Cradles Of Mrs Nanna D.Itzel

So I'm searching through the forums at Design Addict for something else, when I come across a discussion about collectors' greatest finds. Way down the page, below the heated discussion about the ethics of stealing a Ronald-colored Saarinen chair from...
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Missouri Toddler: 'I Will Tap Dance On Your Mandala, Buddha!'

Tibetan Buddhist monks create their elaborate mandala paintings out of sand to symbolize the impermanence of all things. After days of painstaking work, the monks destroy the mandala and release its sand into the nearest body of water as...
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