May 30, 2007

Jack The Dripper & World Cup Rattle: PSP Toy Concepts By Onkar Singh Kular


Last summer, Royal College of Art research fellow Onkar Singh Kular exhibited two proposals for PSP video games and tie-in merchandise at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London.

For The End Of The Road, a driving game where "players choose from a range of 20 drivers and corresponding automobiles all based on famous celebrity car deaths," Kular proposed Jack The Dripper, a pedal car replica of the 1950 Oldsmobile Convertible which Jackson Pollock crashed into a tree in East Hampton in 1956.

And for the roleplaying game, The Road to the 2026 World Cup, in which players are 10-year-olds whose lives are consumed with soccer practice and their Sunday league matches, Kular proposed the World Cup Rattle, "a toy for parents who would like to groom a winner."


See proposal details and an installation shot at PSP Design Club []
Onkar Singh Kular, Sony PSP proposals [images via via wmmna]

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