May 25, 2007

Daddy's Not Typing For A Few Days

Daddy Types, Daddy Packs, Daddy Eats Popsicle At Kid's Pre-school Class Party, Daddy Drives To North Carolina. We're heading out for the weekend, and early reports from the Outer Banks reveal that none of the neighbors have their WiFi set...
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Vegan Cupcakes Solve Like Five Parenting Problems At Once

What if you had the key to perfect parenting, idyllic childhoods, world peace and the end of industrialized corporate farming right in the sidebar of your blog? Because there's a whole category of Vegan Cupcake links on the award-winning...
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Bollx! Brit Gov Docs Nix Preg Drinks

The "just a glass of wine with dinner" and "me mum said somedays, the only thing she could keep down was a Guiness" crowds just got a little thinner today. The UK government just changed their official recommendation about drinking...
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So Chicks DO Skate. In Germany. On The Mama Board.

A bit of friendly, unsolicited advice to the makers of the Mama Board: If you're gonna go and do something as awesome as engineering and manufacturing and marketing a skateboard that can latch onto a stroller, DON'T give it...
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Sick Photoshopped Children's Book Covers

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while, I kind of wish we were all a bunch of sick, high, funny, dorks with mad Photoshopping skillz and too much time on our hands. Scrolling through these wildly inappropriate...
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