May 24, 2007

The Thilde Pocket: Saddlebags For A Crib


So Pia Eriksson's idea for designing the Thilde Pocket was to buy her and her baby daddy some more time in the morning, by giving the kid [Thilde, obviously] something to entertain herself with. See, it just velcros over the side of a crib.

Sounds great, unless your kid wakes up hungry, in which case, you'd need an insulated gelpack pocket with a self-serve bottle prepped and ready [idea to be tested out on someone else's kid: put frozen bottle of milk in crib at night, see how cool it is in morning].

Or if your kid just gets amped up by loading and unloading pocketsful of toys, you'd need to drop a video iPod into one of those things. But if you can hypnotize your kid with TV, why the Pockets? Just mount the monitor on the wall and let the kid snuggle with the remote.

The Thilde Pocket, 380SEK, which is about $US54, shipped []


Yeah, they might want to re-think their spin on an otherwise fine product.

You've got to admit that this Thilde product is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Taggies:

That's pretty cool. It reminds me of a quilt my grandmother made me out of old jeans. It is heavy-duty and filled with pockets for keys and such. I still use it for parks and beaches.

There is something to be said for pockets.

It's been done before
they are called crib tidies...I have one from Mothercare that I used for my now 7 year old. Every night before I went to bed I would fill it with little teasures (no not choking hazards) and the next morning we'd get to sleep in an additional 30 minutes!
I haven't yet done this for my twins only because I am using the tidy on my change cart and I only have one so was planning to sew some new ones.
I couldn't find anything similar here in the US ...I thought it was some fear of it being used as an aid to climb out ofthe crib?

I also did what I call "kid traps" when firstborn was sleeping in a bed. At my bedttime I would sneak in and I would lay out some toys in a scenario that she just couldn't resist --eg three bears, three beds, or a really tall tower of blocks. The trap worked every time-she would get "caught" and we got as much as an additional hour inbed next morning. I guess that might be called a parenthack.

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