May 24, 2007

Fire Chief Car In A Box, Baby! Pristine Creative Playthings Fire Chief Car On eBay

Christmas: chief in a box
Hanukkah: chief in a box
Kwanzaa: a chief in a box
Birthday party in the Fifties that someone ended up skipping, and so the present went undelivered and was stored in a cool, dry place for half a century, only to emerge on eBay completely pristine, with even the wrapping paper still intact: chief in a box.


I'm sure that brass wire bell contraption is what launched the first Eisenhower-era choking hazard investigation that eventually led to the Consumer Products Safety Act of 1972.

But the roof comes off, so just leave it on the shelf for the five times a year when the kid dons his white gloves for his fifteen-minute supervised play sessions. Gives him something to look forward to.

Vintage Modern Creative Playthings Fire Car MIB, bidding starts at $25+$10s/h, auction ends May 30 [ebay]
[update: whoa, $102.50]

1 Comment

You aren't supposed to post these until AFTER I win them...Dagnabbit!

[i know, i know, I felt really bad about it. sorry. I know it's no consolation, but I'll go ahead and tell the world I'm fascinated to see what the graphic design looks like on the Creative Playthings Shopping Center board game, so fascinated, I'm bidding on it. See? I mucked it up for myself, too! -ed.]

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