May 22, 2007

What Would Spoiler T-Shirts For Kids Look Like?


Oliver Moss's new t-shirt design, Spoilt, just debuted on Threadless, and it's awesome. It contains a whole slew of movie spoilers [which map pretty closely to the text-only Spoiler tees from Theater Hopper, but Moss adds some graphical touches, and plus, he's the guy behind the epic t-shirt design, The Internet, so he'll probably get away with it.]

It got me to thinking, what would the kid's version of this say? A spoiler Onesie or kid-T? If we come up with funny enough text, maybe Moss'll appropriate these next:

Movie Spoilers
Elmo's just a puppet.
Bambi's mother dies.
They find Nemo.
Sleeping Beauty gets the prince.
Cinderalla gets the prince.
Snow White gets the prince.
Jasmine gets the prince.
Ariel gets the prince.
Belle gets the prince.
Pocahontas marries some totally different guy, gets smallpox, and dies in England.

Then there's what I'll call Life Spoilers until someone comes up with a better name:
Santa Claus is your parents.
The Easter Bunny is your parents.
Your teeth will all fall out.
The Tooth Fairy is your parents.
That's not really the last cookie.
That's not the real Greg.
Blues Clues IS on now--on the TiVo.

Any others?


Spoilt by Oliver Moss [threadless]
Spoiler T-shirts I & II [ via boingboing]


Your friends are not currently asleep.
The place you want to go is not currently closed.
The dog is not out in the countryside - he's dead.
Mommy & Daddy didn't fix it - they went and bought a new one.
(related) That's not the same goldfish.

[lolol. It's Santa's fault the Miniboo broke the first time you used it. -ed.]

We're not really out of batteries.

Oh, man, how could I forget one of our favorites...

We didn't really give your binky/bottle/other-fave-baby-thing to a needy baby...

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