May 21, 2007

Euro II High Chair: Because There's No "A" In Tripp Trapp. Oh Wait...


There are quite a few high chairs out there that are inspired by the Stokke Tripp Trapp. After all, it's been around since the early 70's; half the high chair designers in Europe probably sat in Tripp Trapps when they were kids.

But there are a few that are a downright rip-off. The Euro II, distributed in the US by One Step Ahead, is not one of them. It's definitely rocking a Stokke-esque vibe, and it has the same adjustability and adult-seatability [though the Tripp Trapp is weight-rated up to 300 lbs, 2x the Euro II], but it does a fine job of differentiating itself with its own curves and form.

More importantly for this minimalist, it's clean and simple and doesn't overload on the design flourishes like some of the popular Svandinavian wood high chairs out there.

And if your kid's name starts with an "A," it'll take him years to figure out that his high chair was not, in fact, custom-built just for him.

Based on price, the Euro II could be called the Stokke 1/2; at $99, it costs half the Tripp Trapp. Anyone comparison shopped this thing against a Stokke to see how it matches up? [I'd immediately lose the cushion and the plastic tarp. Sheesh.]

Euro II High Chair, $99.95 [ via dt reader henry]


My in-laws have this high chair. The quality is far inferior to Stokke. The wood is unfinished (rough) on the underside of the seat and footrest so you can't flip the panels over and the safety bar split apart where it is attached (with screws instead of tension like the Stokke) after only a few months of use. They did send a new bar for free though so nice cutsomer service there.

[figures. if those random product shots with tarps and a kid's feet dangling in mid-air--to show the adjustable footrest, even--are any indication, these guys are not sweating the details. -ed.]

We have two of these, bought 2 yrs apart, and both are solid, nothing falling apart nor rough surfaced. It's the first chair that little friends vie for when they're here for playdates. I am looking for two more for my toddler twins. Excellent quality and priced appropriately.

I'm considering this one. I love the Tripp Trapp but simply cannot afford it; and this is more than 1/2 off, when you consider all the extras that don't come with the already extravagantly priced Tripp Trapp.

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