May 21, 2007

Design-Curious Bloggers Pushing Strollers Flee As ICFF Opens To "Public"

Here's how Unbeige--which, though I read it regularly, I never realized is THE EPICENTER OF THE DESIGN UNIVERSE--opens their blog roundup from ICFF

On the last day before the ICFF floor was opened to the public, bloggers rushed to cover the exhibits before they were swarmed by design-curious housewives pushing strollers. MoCoLoco hit the Wrong Store, where the party was actually outside on the sidewalk. Core77 sums up the ICFF highlights, which opens with the awesome line "ICFF, as we all know, is a lot like IKEA." Shuddddder.
[emphasis added where the design world's pseudo-elitist, achingly self-absorbed contempt for lesser mortals is most clearly in view.]

All that AND Yves freakin' Behar? Oy, wake me when they're gone.

Sunday Recap: Tobi Wong, Trends, and Even More Yves! [unbeige]

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im a bit shocked that a decent blog such as unbeige would use the term 'housewives'. my guess is a good number of those ladies (any daddies involved??) were design-y types themselves getting ideas, taking notes, maybe gasp even bloggers themselves, etc. When my artist-wife takes the stroller to galleries in Chelsea is she suddenly a housewife? i don't want to be around when anyone tells here that. this is new york people, everything we do is work. not so modern for such a modernist blog.

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