May 20, 2007

Daddy Types: Please Feed The Advertisers

The sun is out. At the zoo, the sloth bears pace back and forth entertainingly; the otters frolic before the glass. And in the sidebar to the right, Daddy Types advertisers ply us with their adorable tricks and stand ready to provide their products and services for our benefit. If you'd like to put your company or organization in the DT advertiser zoo, click here. Or if the three-ring dad circus is the place for you, try the Dad Ads dadblog network.

Thanks this week to these DT advertisers:

  • O Yikes!, who are offering Daddy Types readers free shipping on their sweet messenger or DJ-style diaper bags, just use promotion code DadDT.
  • Melissa and Ron, who's antic-filled road trip wouldn't be the same without their Budget rental car.
  • Small Concept, which, among their many tasty kid-related offerings, has a limited-time promotion for Bugaboo buyers. Use the promotion code BUGBAG at checkout to get the transport bag for 50% off with the purchase of any Bugaboo stroller. [Just an aside: I heard from someone in the air travel game that it's like 100x easier for the airlines to damage a Bugaboo that's checked in without a transport bag. I mean, if they're going to abuse your luggage, why not make them work for it?]
  • Sparkability, fine purveyors of better design for kids.

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