May 18, 2007

ICFFWatch: Offi Lays An Ovum Bassinet


Has it been a year already? Designer Heidi Newell showed off the prototype of her Shaker box-inspired, molded birch ply bassinet last year in Offi's booth at ICFF. Since then, though, it's been as silent as a singles bar in Sabbathday Lake. [See, the Shakers were celibate and didn't drink much, and so a singles bar in a Shak--never mind.]

Now it turns out Offi is debuting the production version of this sweet bassinet, now dubbed the Ovum at this year's ICFF, which kicks off tomorrow in NYC.

It looks like the Ovum survived safety testing and managed to jump through the final engineering hoops with the original concept largely intact. When the larger oval base is on its side, the bassinet can rock back and forth. When the base is on edge, the bassinet rests solidly on the ground. It's an intuitively obvious, elegant, and rather unexpected design solution.

The rendering above shows a dark finish, but there should be a natural birch finish as well. If you're a Daddy Type who'll be navigating the narrow, crowded passageways at ICFF this weekend, why not try to connect up with Offi's Ovum? Then you can tell us all about it.

Offi Introduces the Offi Ovum Bassinet by Heidi Newell
Previously: Offi Oval Bassinet from ICFF


Hey, is this my cousin Greg???

(Don't ask how I stumbled on this blog...)

[dude, if you stumbled on this blog for the reason MOST people stumble on this blog, congratulations! -ed.]

once you get past the safety concerns that just roll through your mind looking at the thing, its simplicity and beauty become overwhelming.
Almost worth having one more just to get it.
Very sweet.

how does it rock with those nubby things? do you remove the nubby things? are they not so nubby? let me know if you see it.

[I think the nubby things keep it from rocking too far and catapulting the kid to the ground. Without them, the CPSC might issue a recall around 2017. -ed.]

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