May 17, 2007

Diapers Don't Biodegrade? BioUPgrade By Making A Rooftop Diaper Herb Garden!


The environmental impact of disposable diapers got you down? Which depresses you more? Their non-biodegradability, landfill fillability, non-compostability, non-recyclability, or their weird, chemically enabled absorbability?

Well, cheer up, it's spring! The time of year when unpronounceable Dutch design firms emerge from the long, dark winter spent calculating the nitrogen fertilizer potential of the sodium acrylate crystals in a single, urine-filled Pamper. The season when they venture out onto the roof with their planting trays and seeds and topsoil--and their Diaper Genies and Exacto knives and rubber gloves--to transform their pee-soaked bounty into a lightweight herb garden in The Hague.

As for me, Big Mac's a Big Mac, except they call it de Big Mac.

Superuse: The Book, as seen on we-make-money-not-art [wmmna]
Diapers As Roof Garden, proposed by Qenep []


I love it. Now I can feel less guilty for battling my husband against the inferior G Diaper. I wonder if there's anything these guys can do with our awful collection of frilly pink dresses - corn fields?

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