May 16, 2007

Who Does Number Two Work For? CPSC Nominee Gets Severance Bonus From Manufacturers

How synergytastic! Michael Baroody is leaving his job as the #2 lobbyist for the National Association of Manufacturers to head the government agency which regulates his clients, the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

And just to show there's no hard feelings, the NAM awarded him a $150,000 severance bonus, even though he wasn't actually severed. The payment is just slightly less than Baroody's $154,500 government salary, and it helps ease the pain of going into public service [sic], by getting him closer to his 2006 NAM salary of $344,000.

Baroody's confirmation hearings, originally scheduled for May 5, have been rescheduled for May 24. Because of growing Senate opposition to Baroody's nomination, it's expected that the Bush administration will end up sticking him in as a recess appointment.

Bush Nominee to Get Payment From Old Job [nyt]

1 Comment

Nice obscure reference to "The Prisoner", Greg!

[not so obscure, actually. I didn't know "The Prisoner" until I saw Austin Powers. -ed.]

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