May 16, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres Induces...Mayhem! By Giving Away 300 Bugaboos?

ellen_bugaboo_madness.jpgLet me lift the burden of uncertainty from your lives right now: you will never need to wonder, as Kerrie did in an email yesterday, "Did you see Ellen on [DAY OF WEEK OR REALLY, ANY MOMENT IN TIME BETWEEN THE BIG BANG AND THE RAPTURE]"?

The answer is no, I did not.

But apparently, that strange surge in the ParentForce Friday was related to the bedlam that erupted when everyone's favorite gay TV aunt--don't they always give the best presents?--handed out 300 Bugaboos to her studio audienceful of pregnant women.

So yeah, if you have Ellen on TiVO, and access to YouTube, and you're on bedrest with nothing else to do, how about hookin' a blogger up? Or if your baby mama--or even you yourself--were in the audience Friday, give us the scoop. Or at least tell us when your Gecko goes up on eBay.

[Whoa, so does "guests of Ellen" thing mean that they all got Stokke Tripp Trapps, Svan bouncers and those Yo My Booties that look like Tribbles, too?]
update: here's a blog account of the haul--by an audience member who wasn't even pregnant! That Gecko's hittin eBay for sure, baby.


I think you'd have to give me that much stuff, and more, to sit through 30 minutes of Ellen Degeneres.

Everyone is the audience also received "I Was on Ellen" onesies from!

We offer personalized onesies and some with sweet sayings. Check out "Property of" and "Sugar Daddy" onesies.

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