May 9, 2007

TVisqatsi, Or The Preponderance of Evidence


Before you even ask, the answer is, "No, there IS no ominous Philip Glass score that filmmaker Godfrey Reggio won't lay on top of a wordless montage of over-extended, over-aestheticized, over-seductive pseudo-critiques of our over-industrialized, over-mediated, over-networked society."

For his short film, Evidence, which is screening online at, the director of Koyaanisqatsi, et al, Reggio filmed a group of young children watching TV from the TV's point of view to create a "disturbing and sad film."

Sad if you're not enlisting the Wonderpets' help so you can take a shower, that is, and disturbing only for Errol Morris, who already used that Glass soundtrack for one of his films. But more than that, judging by the way the kids in Evidence stare straight into the camera, Reggio has also borrowed Morris's trademark teleprompter-like interviewing device, The Interrotron.

But wait, Morris's Wikipedia entry even quotes a film critic saying of the Interrotron, "...the beauty of it is that it lets people do what they do best, namely watch TV." I'd say the evidence is overwhelming: Reggio owes Morris more than a few cases of Miller High Life.

Evidence by Godfrey Reggio [ via coudal]


Interesting. As I watched the video, mesmerized, I suddently realized I must have looked just like the kids I was watching.

What kind of video were those kids shown?
By the looks on their faces, the jerks and twinges and the crying little girl, he must have filmed them watching baby cows being slaughtered or something.
That was dumb.

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