May 8, 2007

Plush Sperm Produced By Hand


If you had gone to the Vinyl Toys Network Event in Pasadena last weekend, you could have gotten one of these "special release," made-by-hand jobs from Long Beach plush artist Shane Geil.

Apparently, it was a happy ending for the first 20 customers, who came away smiling, with all 11 inches of their plush sperm contained in a snugly fitted plush sheath. Oh wait, it was a plush envelope.

If you're interested in Shane's sperm, you can email him via his website. Give him a few minutes to rest, and I'm sure he'll be able to get you off the waitlist.

Shane Geil's website []

Shane Geil's Plush Sperm To Explode @ VTN
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And the award for most double entendres in a single post goes to...

Did you know that "geil" means horny in German? No, really!

[I have a friend whose band is Maxi Geil. I'm very sure he already knew what it meant. -ed.]

Actually, 'Geil' means 'cool' or 'great' in German... in Dutch/'Netherlandish' it means 'Horny'.

a friend's band is named MaxiGeil, so I guess it could go either way.

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