May 8, 2007

Plush Sperm Produced By Hand

If you had gone to the Vinyl Toys Network Event in Pasadena last weekend, you could have gotten one of these "special release," made-by-hand jobs from Long Beach plush artist Shane Geil. Apparently, it was a happy ending for...
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The IKEA Diaper Baghack

I just heard today from diaperbagmaker to the stars Mia Bossi that blue is the new black: “We know blue is going to be a big color this fall, so we wanted to incorporate it into the line—but also...
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Veggie Booty Maki

+ Posting might be a little light around here this week. Or late. My wife's gone to a conference in LA, so I'm soloing with the kid. Since we just got back in town, too, we haven't been to...
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Fine Doll Art By Debra Lynn

Fine Doll Artist Debra Lynn:I am driven by my imagination and want my work to express whimsical character, personality and emotion. I use only the finest materials, new and vintage fabrics, angora mohair and crystal eyes. All details are...
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Aston Martin Junior V8 Volante

I've had this open on my desktop for days now, not posting it, but I guess I'd better put it up here, just in case you're the knucklehead who's going to buy it. "It" is a 1989 Aston Martin...
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