May 3, 2007

Think Fast! Micralite Fastfold System Just $329 On Amazon. Today.


If only because of the hassle of accepting and returning giant, 40lb packages, I like to take my time before making a major purchase like a stroller.

But if you've got your heart set on the Micralite Fastfold in black, and with the newborn Carrycot option, but the only reason you haven't bought one already is because you're slack, or because you thought you'd keep an eye out for some crazy deal, well, this is it:

DT reader Jonathon reports that this very Micralite--you might even call it your Micralite--is in Amazon's Gold Box today--and today only--for just $329. [update: it now says it's "SOLD OUT". Did anyone actually order one?]

And when you put it in your shopping basket it says, "Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks." Oy. There's always a catch. Now it sounds like just some shock&awe bulk order strategy to help Amazon negotiate with Micralite's distributor or something. Or an attempt to clear the decks before the Toro arrives [which DT reader Melissa was told will cost about $100 more than the Fastfold, which is not being discontinued.]

Anyway, hop to or scroll on by, whichever works for you.

Baby Daily Deal: Euro Baby Stroller System - Black, $329.00 (53% off) [amazon]


I saw this same deal back in February--was very tempted but didn't act quickly enough.

ok. today (Friday) the Fastfold stroller is on sale for $200 (just the stroller, no bassinet). This is the same deal I bought mine with in February.
It's listed under Amazon's Friday sales...when I bought it in Feb it shipped right away.

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