May 2, 2007

Contest: Give Birth At Arbitrary Moment, Win Arbitrary Chrysler


How insignificant can an occurrence be and still qualify for commemmoration-worthy "event" status in the car industry? They've already turned every conceivable holiday and weekend into "sales events." A local AM radio announcer sets up a table at a dealership? Event. Company in imminent danger of not making the numbers this quarter? Event.

The Chrysler Sebring Bundle Of Joy Contest tests the limits of celebpromotional eventology, raising/lowering the bar for generations of car dealers to come. They are actually, literally commemmorating one second. The ticking of a clock is now an event.

That tick is coming this weekend, 02:03:04, 05/06/07. And if your baby is born at that "historic moment"--and you're not an illegal alien or a breastfeeder [just wait]--you will be eligible to enter a drawing to win a "fun, family-centered vehicle," the all-new 2007 Chrysler Sebring.

Because nothing says "party's over, family man!" like a Sebring, which used to be a decent-looking 5-seat convertible, but is now a mid-sized sedan so generic, its marketers are stuck praising its "standard anti-lock brakes" and "stain- and odor-resistant seat fabric" for dealing with those "hard-to-avoid formula and baby food spills" [emphasis added for your lactivist entertainment].

If your OB somehow doesn't cotton to the idea of scheduling a C-section for 2AM on a Sunday, don't worry; you still have time to fly to Europe, where 02:03:04, 05/06/07 will be happening again on June 5th.

See the official contest site for details []
Chrysler to Shower Lucky Baby Born at 2:03:04 a.m. on 05/06/07 with all-new 2007 Chrysler Sebring [ via dt reader david]


Provided our persnickety reproductive parts decide to grant us offspring, I might consider swaying my wife to give birth on a whim.

Shouldn't be too hard - what woman doesn't want to give birth on-demand?

No wife of mine, that's for sure. I value spontaneity in a spouse. If I could choose a spot, it would be Starbucks. Then I could name my child Venti without guilt.

I'm so excited! My due date is actually 5/5 and we've been hoping for 5/6 all along.

If I win I'm so trading it in and putting the $ towards a Lexus hybrid. Sweet!

[good luck! -ed.]

I made an event of it when the clock struck on 1:23:45 6/7/89 and again on 12:34:56 7/8/90 by smoking a joint in the studio. Come to think of it, nothing spells "party's over family man" like reading about bad car ads on a daddy blog... especially when you find it funny and keep coming back for more.

[no kidding. I remember the first time someone commented on DT on a saturday night. Of course, I was posting something else and saw it immediately. -ed.]

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