May 1, 2007

Tim Biskup Designs On T-Shirts, T-Shirts On Baby Blankets


What could you do with a pile of irregular t-shirts printed with cool Tim Biskup/Gama-Go designs?
A) Duh, slightly imperfect t-shirts? Throw'em in a landfill.
B) Use them in the world's hippest car wash.
C) Carefully rework them by hand into awesome baby blankets.

If you answered A, you're a tool.
If you answered B, you're in the marching band.
But if you answered C, you're artist Sarah Larson, and your sweet, sweet blankets are selling for $120 at Gama-Go this very minute.

And while we're on the subject of Biskup and Gama-Go, it looks like they're getting ready a whole slew of cool-looking, printed bodysuits and kid-sized t-shirts. Stay tuned.

Gama-Go Patchwork Blanket by Sarah Larson, $120 [ via boingboing]


Wow. Too bad I couldn't add one of those to my Amazon baby registry...

This is a awesome blanket and gave me a great idea to do with some of our shirts that we sell!

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