May 1, 2007

Eyes On The Bugaboo Bee Prize: First Candids Hit The Web


Well, hats off to Patty, who braved the drudgery that is the JPMA Convention in order to score about the only thing worth scoring down there: a hands-on encounter with the new Bugaboo Bee.

Her first assessment: "super lightweight!" The photo above is the new Bugaboo Bee Hive [aka the Tower of Power v2.0. Watch for it at a tradeshow near you.]. See Baby Chic 101 for a bunch of other Bee photos. Still no bootlegs of the daddy dancing troupe video, though.

Bugaboo Bee JPMA Report []


My bubble just burst.Blarrrrgh! This was going to be my perfect stroller.
How LOW is the handle? I thought the wheels had something of the Japanese stroller about them but did the handle have to too??! What about tall people...and I say this 5'8 I am not exactly an Amazon.

From what I've seen of the bee the handle is adjustable, no idea what height but at least there's some option!

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