April 30, 2007

The Concrete Jungle: Toy-On-Street Art By Alexis Lloyd


Though she's not the one who gutted the praying plush Christian sheep [nice segue, right?], Parsons grad student Alexis Lloyd was in the school's awesome electronic toy hacking class last fall.

But today it's her final project, titled "The Concrete Jungle," that's caught my eye. Lloyd took a bucket of little plastic zoo animals and permaglued them around town. Don't let the waterproof glue fool you; some of the sites are completely transitory, such as inside a fallen traffic cone, in a planter box. The one thing they all have in common, though, is their photogenics.

In fact, I'd say that street art that apparently exists to take great photos, but which is basically invisible to passersby, is sort of compromised, a conceit. Which doesn't mean that the pictures aren't wonderful and fun, just that it'd be nice to be able to encounter some of these pieces on the street. And it'll be nice to see what Lloyd does when she doesn't need to make a gradeable portfolio.

The Concrete Jungle - Tiny Animals Invade New York! [parsons.edu via marc at woostercollective]

1 Comment

This reminds me of the toy horses around Portland,OR, tied to the old "horse rings" on curbs.

It makes me smile every time I find one.

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