April 27, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Spider Of The D'Urbervilles

The kid this morning, as we watched the rain come out of the spout [punctuation, paragraphing, and breaths in between added]:

Daddy, when it rains, water falls down from the clouds, and it his the roof. The water comes down onto the roof, and then it rolls into the gutter, and it goes down the spout, and then it comes out the bottom. There's a spout right there, and there's another spout over there. Can you see it?

If a spider comes along and tries to climb up it, the rain comes down and washes him away, but when the sun comes out, all the rain dries up, on the roof and in the spout and on the sidewalk, so if the spider wants to climb up again, he can try it. Did you ever imagine about that?

Yeah, honey, I think I've heard of that somewhere.

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