April 26, 2007

Sugoi: Honda Type-R Civic With Matching Car Seat


There are a few stealth-goodlooking cars that make me stare whenever one goes by: older Aston Martins, the VW Phaeton, its more common [in every sense of the word] variant, the Audi S8, the Honda Civic 4-door sedan... Seriously. The nose, roofline, and C-pillar of the Honda Civic are just tight. If only the Phaeton could somehow get the mileage that the Civic gets, we'd be talking about matching VW carseats, but hey.


Honda released the Type-R Civic in Japan [only] a couple of weeks ago; it has a stock Civic 2.0 VTEC that's been tuned and tweaked to put out 225hp; it has bigger brakes and wheels, and reportedly has a lighter, more rigid body than the standard Civic.

That said, the most notable features are tuner-y costmetics like air dams, scoops and skirts that I'm not really feeling quite yet. The racing-style interior's not bad, though; the whole package seems designed for young tuners who don't want to void their warranties with a bunch of aftermarket tweaks.

And the kicker, of course, is the Type-R car seat, which comes in matching racing red and black. Carscoop says it's 44,000 yen, $370, which isn't atypical for a car seat in Japan. The Honda JP site shows the reclinable Super Deluxe carseat is 39,000 yen, and the non-heinous cover is another 7,000. There's an ISOFIX/LATCH base sold separately. And speaking of ISOFIX, the matching Type-R pet carrier is 25,000 yen--and it's ISOFIX-compatible.


Your move, Phaeton. Phaeton? Are you there?

Do it like dad: Honda Type R Child Seat
[carscoop via dt reader david]
Honda Civic Type R Sedan with a 225Hp 2.0 i-VTEC released in Japan [carscoop]
Honda Civic Type-R page, in Japanese, but surfable[honda.co.jp]


Not sure what you mean by the Audi S8 being more common in "every sense of the word". You may see more of them, but they cost a lot more than a Phaeton ever did. The Audi A8 is actually the closer counterpart to the Phaeton. In any case, you do know that the Phaeton flopped and is no longer in production, right?

[i know, i was just trashtalking. A friend from business school has an S8. And I recently/finally met someone who bought a Phaeton new--and because Jalopnik just did a long, dopey love letter to it. New, the VW cost more than the Audi, but now, you can get a 2yo Phaeton W12 for like $50k, half the sticker. -ed.]

how much is it agian

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