April 26, 2007

ReliaDose: PharmaNip BottleSyringe


The ReliaDose infant medicine delivery is basically a syringe-in-a-bottle. It's a way to fake out a feisty kid who won't take medicine via a syringe alone. It looks like it was invented while staring at a Dr. Brown's anti-gas bottle.

I can't say we ever had any real trouble getting medicine into the kid at that age [0-18 months]; if she wouldn't suck on a syringe, we'd just tuck it into the lower corner of her mouth. But if slipping medicine in via a 2-oz bottle is super-easy and doesn't train a kid to distrust nipples, I guess it's a good thing. As long as you don't mix uppers and downers, or sedatives and alcohol. Consult with your dealer/pharmacist/pediatrician and dose responsibly.

ReliaDose was one of just 100 companies named who paid for the privilege to be named Innovation Awards Finalist at the JPMA Convention that just ended yesterday in Orlando. The 10 "Winners" were selected on Monday, but there have been no lists, announcements or press releases published about even the "finalists," much less the "winners." Money well spent.

ReliaDose will be sold in drugstores and supermarkets
. [reliadose.com via prnewswire]


Did this device actually receive an award based on it's merits or was it mentioned because a fee was paid? How much medicine is left in the nipple's structure? How does the device prevent the baby from taking at least some control over the flow of medicine? What happens when the babies sense the structure in the nipple?

I just posted about the ReliaDose on my site and gave Daddytypes a little bit of link love.

I attempted to address the comment that was left here on your post.

Check it out:



I have one of these. My almost-2-year-old who has NEVER used a bottle (I breastfeed) had NO problem with this. He needed antibiotics and REFUSED to take them without a HUGE fight before we tried this product.

With this product, he drank the liquid in the bottle while I squirted the medicine in and he never even realized there was any medicine IN it.

As for "flow control" - the parent/guardian administering the medicine controls the flow of the medicine; it is not automatic. I just pushed the plunger a little at a time and in seconds, the medicine was down him and he finished the remainder of the liquid at his leisure.

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