April 26, 2007

Here Comes The Sun Canopy


Call me slow on the uptake, call me crazy, but I'm liking the Bugaboo Gecko more and more. With all that extra aluminum real estate, its design is the kind of clean that gets Fleurvillians excited.

Now that sunny weather's finally coming to the US, the new Breezy Sun Canopies are coming into season. And to me, anyway, the Gecko's all-silver sun canopy totally rocks.

I predict that to future generations of stroller aficionados, the Gecko could become the quirky, highly appreciated design/driving classic that the Porsche 914 or the VW Karmann Ghia are for car nuts. Just sayin'.

The Gecko's Breezy Sun Canopy is available in silver only, $35 [joggingstroller.com]


The only problem with the Gecko was that it's too small and not adjustable. That's fine for most people, I guess, but when you're 6'5" andyour wife is 5'5", that's a problem.

Design-wise, it's definitely a more elegant solution.

[agreed. it's definitely not perfect, or even optimum, but it's got integrity. -ed.]

if i could take this opportunity to again plug our stokke stroller - fully adjustable for different heigths, I am 6'5" and my wife is 5'8", we both can push it comfortably with simple adustments. plus the kid seems to like it, too. i am seeing more and more of them, but they still seem to be a marginal candidate, not sure why.

My wife and I were talking about this last night. I too like the silver (my wife thinks I'm just kidding). The big question, however, is does the gecko/cameleon canopy fit on a frog?

[i know the cameleon canopy is too big. Not sure of the Gecko-Frog comparisons. -ed]

I hate to be the one to say this, but the Stokke just looks like its trying too hard--that's why you don't see it around that often. And yes, the gecko canopy fits on the frog.

hA! we're all about trying to hard over here. thats a great comment on a thread about the glittering sheen of a new stroller canopy! its all right, i still love my stokke. maybe you have seen some of the new, neutral colors, trying a little less i think.

Anyone know if these will work with the quinny buzz or zapp ?? I hate the canopies on both of them. they hardly shade my child from the sun.

On another note, I recently got the bugaboo cupholder for my Quinny Buzz and Zapp. The cupholder comes with 2 different size clips (chameleon/frog). It fits perfect when using the frog clip.

Quinny users, try the Protect-a-Bub - abominally named but pretty good protection and infintely better than the frilly parasols everyone else tries to sell you.

I second the Protect-A-Bub as a sun solution. We've used one on our Maclaren for years and love how it folds up tiny. Some French friends told us it looked ridiculous, like a wagon top from Little House on the Prairie, but then bought one for their pousette as well. Touché!

Come on guys, there must be someone out there that has tried the Gecko canopy with a frog.

Hmmmm, wheezy wheels (I mean whizzy whells) has the canopy for the frog (http://www.whizzywheels.co.uk/bugaboo_breezy_canopy_frog__m843) But it only comes in silver and they don't have a picture.... sounds like the gecko one to me. Silly limey, the breezys are for geckos.

Hmmmm, wheezy wheels (I mean whizzy whells) has the canopy for the frog (http://www.whizzywheels.co.uk/bugaboo_breezy_canopy_frog__m843) But it only comes in silver and they don't have a picture.... sounds like the gecko one to me. Silly limey, the breezys are for geckos.

Bugaboo's corporate office says not only will the Sun Canopy NOT fit the frog, that they have zero plans to make one that will fit. #$#! Shows me for not not buying the cheapest thing they offered (gecko).

I put the Chameleon Sun Canopy on our frog and it is fits just fine with a little bit of loose fabric in the back. This does not affect function or aesthetic appeal. The fabrics however are different, fleece vs. canvas if that matters to someone.

I just called Bugaboo and guess what!?!?
The easy-breezy sun canopy for Frog will be in stores in mid-August! Hooray!

silly limey has had the frog breezy for the best part of 2007

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