April 26, 2007

Fire Up The Ink-Jet & Break Out The Iron-on Paper: Weird Wheels Trading Cards


And get a case 'a them American Apparel bodysuits, because this summer, the kid's gonna be wearing nothing but Weird Wheels Wunzies, with pictures of vintage 80's grossout hot rods ironed onto them.

Frankly, I'd like the source images to be a little bigger, so you may be better off picking up a set of Weird Wheels cards cheap on eBay, and scanning them in yourself. Or maybe you have a shoebox full of designs in your room at your parents' house. Now's the time to start reaping the dividends from that paper route money investment so long ago.

Weird Wheels, c.1980 Topps Bubble Gum Cards gallery
[bubblegum-cards.com via funvampires, thnx andy]
wayback: Dutch has simple iron-on tips in his seminal, "Outfitting the hipster baby" [sweet-juniper.com]
HP Iron-on paper for white shirts seems good, some people like the whites of the color fabric iron-ons better. [amazon]
American Apparel not necessary? Carter's longsleeve bodysuit 4-pack costs a quarter as much [amazon]

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