April 25, 2007

NASA Scientists Discover Thumbless Latex Glove Balloon Creature

latex glove balloon
Last week was Honey, Take The Kid To Your Office Day, and when they went to visit a colleague's lab at NASA, he made the kid a couple of latex glove balloons.

You'd have thought he said the earth moves around the sun, the kid was that excited for the rest of the day. Now, almost a week later, it's still not a balloon unless it has some fingery protuberances on it.

But this latex glove turned out to have a hole in the thumb, so the guy quickly retied it across the palm, then cut off all the the large section of glove--and the thumb--dangling below the knot.

The result is one of the coolest latex glove balloons I've seen. It reminds me of some of Takashi Murakami's Creatures From Planet 66, the mascots he created for Roppongi Hills. But, but in a good way: homemade, not 7,000 miles away, and free.

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