April 24, 2007

Not Just ANY Plush Ultraman Doll. Plush Ultraman Pattern Doll


Sure, they're awesome, you say, but what exactly are the colors of these plush Ultraman dolls trying to tell us?

The official story from Japanese toy manufacturer MegaHouse is that the Pattern Doll Series are made this way to commemorate the 40th anniversary of both Ultraman AND color television. Ultraman, Z-Ton, and Alien Baltan are done up to look like the original, color bar TV test pattern.

Because Ultraman, you see, is as venerable and indispensable to our daily lives as color TV itself.

That, or they're all out and proud now, and ready to hop into the first Rabbit Convertible that crosses their paths. Either way, I say we support them in their lifestyle decision.

You can show that support by buying Pattern Doll Ultraman plushes at Giant Robot, which has 5" keychain versions for $8 and medium-sized 8" versions for $17.

If size is really important to you, Amazon Japan has the large, 32cm [12.5"] Pattern Doll Ultraman figures for about 2,000 yen + international shipping. For some reason, Amazon is missing a lot of images, so here are the direct product links [l to r, but you knew that]:

Pattern Doll Ultraman - Large [320mm], 2,027 yen
Pattern Doll Z-Ton - Large [320mm] SOLD OUT
Pattern Doll Baltan - Large [320mm] 2,121 yen

Pattern Doll Ultraman plush toys, Japanese only [megahouse.co.jp via vinylabuse]
Get Pattern Doll Ultraman plushes in S/M in the US [giantrobot]

1 Comment

hmm can i have the pattern for ultraman for free please ?? pretty please ?? i just wanted to try to make them for my own . pretty please ~ :)

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