April 23, 2007

Fluffizoo: More Foam Animals


This week in Elephants In The Kid Design News: German furniture manufacturer Elmar Flototto [seriously] released Fluffizoo, a series of giant animal toy/furniture made out of safety-coated foam. [Mocoloco says it's been toddler bite-tested.]

There's aslo a mouse, a horse, and a fish [which looks like a whale to me]. They're all about 80-90cm long and 40 cm tall, though the horse is much taller.

Not sure how you'd get one here, except by paying a planeload of money for shipping. Design3000 has the elephant for EUR300. [design3000.de]
Fluffizoo foam animals, design: Studio Vertijet [elmarflotoetto.com]
Previously: Eames plywood elephant from Vitra; Danish foam elephant from Bolbo

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