April 19, 2007

MunnaMunna, ThreadlessKids.com Launches


When I got the press release announcing that Threadless, the crack dealers of the t-shirt junkie world, were invading the playground with the launch of ThreadlessKids.com, I was like, "Finally, it's about damn time."

Which, as it turns out, was pretty much the headline for the post last summer when the company/community introduced its first handful of kid-related designs and sizes.

To aficionados, ThreadlessKids will be very familiar. You can shop by size and submit and vote for designs; if there's demand enough for a shirt, it'll go into production.

Though an inordinate number of bulbous cartoon creatures look like they might have wandered off from Takashi Murakami's corporate projects division, the kids' designs in this first full round are unusually consistent in their awesomeness. The ones shown here, I grabbed almost at random:

[above l,r]: Hrududu, The New Guy by Andy Walker; Biblical Disaster, by Glenn Jones
[below l,r]: In Case Of Fire by Bruno Acanfora; My Playtree by Plard Yoann


If there's a complaint to be lodged, it's probably not that there are no t-shirts smaller than a size 4; I'm told that the threads run a little small, and that +/-2yo's can usually wear 4's just fine. It's that at the moment, there's only one Onesie in any size at all. 2-3 weeks, they say, wait 2-3 weeks. Just like a dealer, once they get you hooked, they just stand there and laugh while you beg them for a hit.

T-shirts, $17, Onesies [their term], $20 at ThreadlessKids.com [threadlesskids.com]
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What's up with them not having any 2T sized T-shirts? They got the onesie crowd covered, and then skip right to the preschoolers. Are the parents of 2 year olds allowed to make their kids look like little hipsters too?

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