April 18, 2007

Milan Reports @ Kidsmodern: Hella Jongerius Kid Table


Susanne Fritz, the designscout behind Kidsmodern.com, is in Milan for the International Furniture Fair. She posted the first of what I hope will be a large series of kid-focused reports from the ground.

First up: a cool kid table by the craftsmart Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. Vitra asked some of their collaborators to make tables to go along with the Panton Junior chair. Jongerius' take, the Porcupine Desk, has holes in the top for storing the kid's pens or crayons. And there's a big charm necklace silkscreened on top, too.

My first thought: keeping the kids from drawing on this thing will only drive you insane, so don't even try.

Also at Kidsmodern: With their $4,400 white leather Mini-Mies, Genius Jones had a good run as the most expensive children's chair in production, but now Cappellini and Christophe Pillet have thrown down the gauntlet. The furry, purple gauntlet. If you see a kid's chair that costs more than EUR 3617 [$4900 before VAT], be sure to let me know.

Previously: Panton Junior: DUH! or FINALLY!?
I Shall Call Him Mini-Mies. At least until Knoll's lawyers come for me.


Ummmm- just wondering- how much fun is it to draw on a desk with "wholes" in it?

Is it only me that sees a kid sneezing and sitting back up with pencils stuck out of eyes??

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