April 16, 2007

Tiny bObles Make Me Warm All Over


bObles is Danish children's gear company founded by two sisters with an interest in spurring children's motor skills development and, judging by the picture below, at least, in teasing US product liability lawyers with their model's demonstrations of actual child behavior.


bObles' Romping Animals series was invented after the sisters attended the same "Increase Your ROI With Laminated EVA!" seminar at The Learning Annex as the Tarantino's, whose EVA Foam table and chair is now distributed by Offi.

There's a pig, a fish, a giraffe, and my favorite, Elna the Elephant, which frankly seems like the most fun. Also, it's the only one that seems bigger than a bundt cake.

In a show of borders-be-damned bravado, the Scandinavian Design Center will sell you an Elna in your favorite color combo for $116, plus $86 shipping. From Scandinavia. If that's too rich for you, try and buy some floor samples from them on the last day of ICFF next month.

bObles [bobles.dk]

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