April 16, 2007

And By "Vintage," They Mean, "We Wheeled It Out Of Wal-Mart's Cafe"

Hard to believe, I know, but apparently, not everything labeled "Vintage L@@K!!" on eBay is actually vintage.


Take this "Vintage Modern Era Highchair on Wheels" which "has a great modern danish Eames era look."

This description is technically accurate, I guess, as long as you define "vintage" as "used" or "standard issue in the cafeterias of Target and Wal-Mart, which is where I wheeled it out from on the dead run and threw it in the back of the pickup afore they even knewed it was gone!"

The auction ends in just a couple of hours. If there are no bids, sit tight; it'll probably be for sale out of a van somewhere soon. And if you prefer your Koala Bistro restaurant high chairs unused or not-broke, you can always buy it new.

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