April 11, 2007

Wait, Don't Throw Out Those Old Paint Cans!


Does it explain a lot to know that Baby Boomers were apparently raised on a steady diet of lead paint, motor oil, and My Three Sons?

According to Popular Mechanics [45 years, or in product safety testing and liability terms, 2.5 eons ago] you can totally transform those old paint or motor oil cans into a playful perch for your "TV Tots" to eat off of while they [duh] watch TV.

So far, just one issue of PopMech [Sept. 1962] has yielded half a dozen kid/parenting/family-related projects ranging from the downright interesting to the downright insane. What other daddy DIY goodness is lurking in those musty old pages?

PopMech 09/62: Ride'Em Stools for TV Tots [daddytypes @flickr]

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