April 11, 2007

I Love Quinny In The Springtime

Word on the street--or from Spilling The Beans, the shopblog for Brookline, MA's Magic Beans, anyway--is that the US models of the Quinny Buzz will drop in May. The Maxi-Cosi car seats will drop in June. The Zapp drops later in the summer, like July.

Plan your strollershopping accordingly. [Or, you know, don't because dates like this slip all the time, cough cough Orbit cough]

Quinny Countdown! [spillingthebeans.net]


The bad news is that the zapp will have four wheels, not three. Any news on whether the zapp will recline?

[Or as the Quinny brochure strangely doesn't put it, "Now with 90% less tipping over sideways!" I haven't heard a thing about the specs of the redesigned Zapp. Anyone? Does this mean I have to go to JPMA after all? -ed.]

holy crud! And in plenty of time to get it before #2 arrives in the fall! sweet.

[congrats, man. Heck, I was wondering where you'd been the last few days. All those ultrasounds keep you busy? Or maybe you've been trying to stockpile glass bottles -ed.]

We have a pink Zapp at home and despite its tendency to tip back if you even think of hanging anything from the handles we (well, I - wife is not as excited as I am) love this stroller.

The time to feel special is running out, though. Soon the streets of Manhattan (they are becoming more and more popular) are going to be swamped with Quinnys. The Zapp is probably the next logical step once the kids outgrows the Bug.

The 2007 Zapp will indeed have four wheels instead of the Euro-style single front wheel. Along with this change there won't be any additional recline feature on the Zapp. If you want you can make sure you get your 2007 Zapp in the color of your choice by pre-ordering your's online at www.scandinucci.com.

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