April 11, 2007

Dad Back On Market, Kids Don't Convey


Curbed is always so good with the Corcoran real estate ads that populate our fair city with arty pictures of bankerspawn crawling across high seven-figure parquet floors, cent pk vu, triple mint. Or in the case of these two ads, "needs work" or "bring your hazmat!" seems more like it.

There's this ad, which appears to be of a dad of three, though I really have to think at most, he's looking for a 2BR loft with just enough space for the kids to visit on alternate weekends.

The other ad's got cashmere-clad quadruplets [there's upper east side IVF for you!] crawling unsupervised on the Carrara marble staircase of the East 67th St townhouse once owned by Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione. Ew. Doesn't Carrara make a sweet marble stairgate?

Corcoran Baby Upgrades [curbed]

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