April 10, 2007

Club Libby Lu CEH [Chief Executive Hoochiemama] Posts Comment On Washington Post


DT reader Marya pointed to a recent entry on the Washington Post's On Parenting blog [who knew?] about the mall rat incubator Club Libby Lu. What with all the discussion of head lice, pedophilia, and general skankitude, CLL's CEO felt the need to weigh in herself.

Hello. My name is Mary Drolet, and together with two partners, I founded Club Libby Lu in 2000...We've listened to our customers and as of June 1, 2007, we are phasing out all midriff-baring dress-up clothing...P.S. I'm sorry, but I simply cannot engage in a back-and-forth conversation about any counter points you may wish to make about my post.
Not to worry, Mary, people seem to be getting into the back-and-forth just fine without you. The comments are awesome entertainment. Just the tip of the [100% head lice-free!] iceberg.

Read on.

My daughter is not old enough [11 months] and I secretly hope it will be out of business by the time she is. That being said, Abercrombie worries me more than Libby.


I hope you do have to explain why they can't go to a harmless party where they get to dress up. What exactly would you say though? That they can't go because Mommy is a snotty and uptight woman who likes to suck the fun out of life? I bet their Daddy's would agree with that too.


Your post explains why my sons will be stuffing dollar bills into you're daughters underwear in 15 years.


This store is for parents too unimaginative to let kids play.


You know, there is something to be said for being too cheap to pay for cable. I had no idea who this Hannah Montana person/show was, and I have only read about Libby Lu.


I am taking my 10 year old twin girls to a shooting range in NJ to take NRA courses on gun handling. Personally I think this type of activity counters the tween marketing hype and Club Libby Lu. Also, on the drive home we talk about strateiges for shooting and target id at laser tag and when they are older paint ball events. I put my foot down when both girls asked that instead of donating their Barbies and Bratz dolls to charity can they use them for target practice... I said no.


I wonder if I am countering all the good I am doing by allowing them to wear lip gloss on the range


Children like to imitate adults. If mommy is a tart, smokes and wears too much make-up, so will the kids. If daddy is a bully, then the kids will grow up to be bullies, too. I used to babysit for two little tramps who danced around to N'Sync and wore make=up around the house. Their parents would come home staggering drunk at 2:00 am. Guess where the kids are headed.


Perhaps the submitter should spend less time judging others and keeping an eye on her own boys- I hardly think an occasional trip to Club Libby Lu is an indicator of future prostitution/teenage pregnancy/deliquency.


I'm a manager at Club Libby Lu, & I don't know which one ya'll are going to but all these comments are freakin insane. The first couple of comments about head lice - we don't use use combs BECAUSE we aren't liscensed, and if the kids have headlice, we CANNOT finish doing there hair, we have to throw away the clothes they borrowed and we let the parents know. Second of all, we only have 3 shades of eyeshadow and lip gloss, and they are all light pinks and clear sparkly stuff. And third of all, all these girls look up to us. They have the time of there lives in my store. and the outfits. Oh my gosh the outfits, I used to wear those for dancing in competitions when I was younger. That's what they are. Ya'll make it seem like everything is hanging out. it's just a belly button. And we don't do whorish dances either. We have the Limbo, The Cha Cha Slide, The Hokey Pokey, Macarena, The Hannah Montana, The Chicken Dance, and the Fashion Show. But everyone has there own opinion. But here's mine, if you don't like it, don't go in there.

don't go to the mall


Just an FYI - last night Metro posted about his buddy Mark and his commenting on various sites to stir up the wasp nests. The comment about the 10-year-old twins and using Barbie and Bratz dolls for target practice is one of his - at least according to Metro.

[And I was thinking it was MD himself. No one in Tribeca cares about malls or DC otherwise. Nice catch, BD -ed.]

Wow. Those comments are the reason I stay away from most parenting websites.

I definitely think Libby Lu is tacky, but the people so quick to whip out charges of pedophile-baiting need to get their heads on straight. Reactionary parenting is no way to live.


Dear Mary Drolet:
If you're going to let every employee of yours post anywhere they like and represent your company all over the Internet, please start recruiting staff with at least the bare minimum of grammar and spelling skills. I for one would be less fearful of your employees spreading lice and more worried my child would catch illiteracy.


(1) Mark and I are guilty of at least 4 of those comments on the Libby Lu post. They really should pass a law stating that sarcastic New Yorkers should not be allowed to get high and go anywhere near a computer.

(2) I love Tracy! The comment about worrying that my child would catch illiteracy cracked me up. That's why I never let my daughter out of the house. Do you know how many split inifintives there are out there?

P.S. Greg...I freaking love malls. You know, that whole grass is greener thing?

[forget the law, there oughta be a prerequisite. if you're gonna get high, you have to comment on at least two parenting sites. As for the malls, yeah, I have to go to malls from time to time. Forget it. No matter how green the grass, you have to kill your weekends mowing it. -ed.]

Not to get all "serious" or anything, but dude, Greg, you left out these gems from the CEO's comment:

"Club Libby Lu is a place - first and foremost - where little girls can engage their imaginations and have fun being a girl. Yes, that involves playing dress-up, getting their hair done and the application of a little makeup. Those are the means to an end, though, with the end being how these activities make a little girl feel.

I have seen on many occasions a shy little girl with low self-esteem come in to one of our stores and leave feeling like she could do anything - all because for a moment in time, she could be whatever she wanted, whether that was a princess or a singer."

As the dad of a 2-year-old daughter, can I just vomit right here, right now? OMFG! :)

[oy, I know. because by age 5, those are basically the only choices left -ed.]

"A princess or a singer" - Phew. I'm just glad ballerina is out of the mix.

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