April 9, 2007

The Nauvoo Cradle


Nauvoo, Illinois was the Mormon Mecca before Salt Lake City. Now, it's the Mormon Colonial Williamsburg. [Does that make sense?]

Anyway, during one visit a while back, my mom was antique shopping in the big city just across the Mississippi from Nauvoo in Keokuk, Iowa [pop. 11,427], when she found a couple of sweet cradles. I'm sure they say it whenever they see a Momo coming, but this one is supposedly from the era of the pioneer exodus, the 1850-60's. All I know is, it's older than I am, and it's got a mix of turned and cool hand hewn spindles.

It gets pulled out to the family room whenever a baby comes to visit; the kid's new cousin parked there, all swaddled up, during our last visit. CPSC or no, it's obviously not an all-in-one piece of furniture, but it works well in a supervised space where a baby on the floor's likely to get trampled by a roving herd of older cousins.

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