April 7, 2007

M Is For Mookie: Sesame Street - Do The Right Thing Mashup

This hilarious mashup of Do The Right Thing using Sesame Street Little People from Fisher-Price is by filmmaker-bartender-madman-Canadian Brent Pike-Nurse [damn, I'm gonna run out of hyphens on the first line] and his comedic crew.

In case you can't tell by the first minute, this episode is brought to you today by the letters F and U. Still, the language and violence should come as no surprise. We've known all along that Bert was wound so tight, it was only a matter of time before he snapped.

Do The Right Thing/ Sesame Street [youtube via avclub, thanks jason from dadcentric]
Brent Pike-Nurse's site [bnice.ca]

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Omigod, I HAD that FP playset as a kid and had completely forgotten about it until now! (Just checked on ebay and there is one going for almost $200.)

I used to have dreams about it actually, and one recurring nightmare about the Bert figurine. This "Do The Right Thing" spoof is hilarious but also semi-traumatic: Bert's face is FREAKY! No wonder I had nightmares about it. Big scary Bert-y frown, yikes.

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