April 6, 2007

Where To Start? Swedish Parents Want To Name Kid Metallica


You know I love me some Sweden around here, but I guess I'm too damn 'Murican to understand what business it is of the National Tax Board what I choose to name my kid. Those countries all over Scandinavia--and Europe, too!--and Japan, for that matter, they're all like commie fascists when it comes to names from the approved National list.

That said, I can also understand why Stockholm parents Michael and Karolina Tamaro are so intent on naming their newborn daughter Metallica. "It suits her," says Karolina, by which I assume she means all the kid does these days cry and whine and annoy the hell out of the neighbors.

If Metallica doesn't fly, maybe they could try RIAA.

Couple fights to name baby 'Metallica' [ap/yahoo via dt reader sara]
Image of an Etallic license plate on a baby blue Passat [laist via jalopnik]

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