April 6, 2007

Sprouto Polkadot Dress From Etsy


I'll search for very specific things, but I don't have the patience to wade through the tacky schlock that clutters the baby clothes listings on etsy. Most of it's either the ruffly, ric-racked stuff of school gym craft fairs or--you know what, I'm just saying I'm glad when someone finds something nice in the pile.

Like momblogger Pink Mohair, who found this straightup polkadot dress by Sprouto, a pair of designing moms from Singapore. Too bad there was only one; there's a version with brown background, which is nice, but still.

Pop Dots dress by Sprouto Ware, $29 [etsy.com via pinkmohair]
The Sprouto Ware site has mostly the same stuff [sproutoware.com]


now that is a cute dress, no "princess" embroidered on it, or pictures of a tiara or a disney character.

Ok, but have you seen the things from dressme.etsy.com and bellaserababy.etsy.com ??? It takes some looking but there are some interesting things on Etsy.

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