April 4, 2007

On The Subject Of Keith Richard's Bonding Techniques

Like most of you [right? right???] I go through my day with the lyrics to Vanity 6's shadethrowing rap song, "If A Girl Answers, Don't Hang Up" playing over and over in my head. So when the Keith Richards story broke, I was all:

Is that what you think?
Keith is snortin' his dad.

Oh, he died about seven years back,
now ain't that just too bad?

via bb and babble


I haven't thought of that song since high school; CLASSIC! Now I'm going to sing it all day...

Well, he's snorted everything else...it just doesn't surprise me that he'd shove his dad up his nose, too.

When Keith dies, I'm sure they'll be able to sell his cremated ashes on a street corner for at least $60 a gram.

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