April 4, 2007

Bugaboo Calling Cards. You Know, For Playdating And Stuff

Uh, ok.

So right after the kid was born, I ran into a friend from business school at the playground. She was actually running the little kids while the older one was in soccer practice. They'd just moved to Westchester, but they didn't want to pull their son out of his soccer team mid-season, so they were commuting back into the city.

She gave me her card. It said "Chief Executive Mom." We had a chuckle. The reality of moving to the suburbs settled in, and we haven't seen each other since.


And I didn't give her card--or even the idea that an at-home parent might need cards of some kind, and I guess you gotta put something on them--much thought.

Until I saw these freakin' mommy calling cards with Bugaboos on them, where you can choose the stroller color, you can choose the mommy hair color, but the saucy Marlo Thomas hair flip on the "back in my pre-pregnancy jeans!" stick figure stays the same.

Now my head is going to explode.

Bugaboo Stroller Mommy Calling Cards, 20 cards for $10, shipped [ebay via gawker]
Related and not heinous: Moo minicards made from flickr photos


Ummmm. Pay 10 bucks to be able to pass out Buga advertising?
How brainwashed would you have to be?
NO thanks.

Ugh... from a purely aesthetic standpoint, the cards would be so much better if they would at least make the stroller more cartoony...

As for the jeans, that seems to be the style a couple of the moms in this neighborhood favour, except add 4-inch spike heeled boots.

Do you get a new set when the kids bigger and you swap out the bassinet?

I'm all for a classic calling card. But those are just gross. I hate the word "whimsy".

["the first thing we do, let's kill all the whimsy" was one option for the tagline for Daddy Types. -ed]

Ew. I'm in agreement with cam.c that these might be less bothersome if the bug wasn't so photo perfect.

I agree, the Moo cards are much better- $20 for 100, and you can put whatever you want on the front. Bugaboos in 100 different colors, a collection of modern cribs, shots of Uma Thurman...

Cease & desist.

I dunno what it's like in other places, but there are a ton of low end print bureaus that will knock off two sided, full colour business cards for you at about $40 (cdn) for 500.

Christ, if this is a niche market in need of filling, I'll happily step into the breach.

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