April 4, 2007

Mission Style Cribs After Stickley

So in the backseat of my mom's car yesterday is some Utah Design magazine from 2001 [Yeah, I don't know, either], and so I'm flipping through it while waiting forever at a railroad crossing, and see an actual Stickley crib....
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UK Ch4 Extraordinary Breastfeeding Documentary

When we last heard from mompower newsletter publisher Veronika Robinson, she was writing articles about with titles like " Why I still breastfeed my eight-year-old girl." Now a segment of the Channel 4 documentary from 2006 about Veronika's extraordinary...
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IwannathisOnesie, Chico, 'N Everthinisinnit.

Scarface Onesie First Social Worker's Tip-Off [theonion.com via dt reader garrett] Bonus related story: Ain't Nobody Telling Me What My Baby Allergic To...
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On The Subject Of Keith Richard's Bonding Techniques

Like most of you [right? right???] I go through my day with the lyrics to Vanity 6's shadethrowing rap song, "If A Girl Answers, Don't Hang Up" playing over and over in my head. So when the Keith Richards story...
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Bugaboo Calling Cards. You Know, For Playdating And Stuff

Uh, ok. So right after the kid was born, I ran into a friend from business school at the playground. She was actually running the little kids while the older one was in soccer practice. They'd just moved to Westchester,...
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